Service Update for Customers COVID-19 Response, March 2020

24 Mar 2020

Dear Customer,

As the world faces uncertain times due to COVID-19, FIN is preparing to do business differently while ensuring continuity of water supply for all customers.

We understand the importance of FIN’s role in our community through the services we provide to our customers whose success is an essential element of our region’s prosperity. As such, we are taking the threat very seriously and have enacted a three-stage action plan to address various levels of risk while keeping the business working. As we move to stage two, our internal business operations have required significant change to protect staff.


How will our business be affected?

  • FIN has received confirmation that our business activity is likely to be classified as an Essential Service under the agricultural food supply category and therefore should not require any cessation of operations.
  •   Water ordering and water deliveries will not change from the current arrangements.
  • Our office and depot will be closed to customers and the public for the foreseeable future, however staff will continue to work either from home or with restricted access to the depot.
  • Contact with our business can be made by phone on 07 4982 4446 or by email to .
  • To ensure our staff remain healthy, protected and able to do their job, we have introduced a staged action plan that provides safeguards for everyone while at work. These actions include stringent address of personnel and workplace hygiene measures, workplace social interaction planning and safe distancing. Our planning also considers staff absences and minimal resourcing levels should our workforce be reduced due to the virus.
  • We have arranged resource sharing with SunWater for the continued operation and control of our irrigation network including Selma Pump Station and the Weemah Offtakes at Fairbairn Dam.
  • Staff operating in the field are required to maintain safe social distance from customers, contractors and the public of at least two metres. We seek your cooperation and support for this measure to ensure the safety of our staff and yourself.
  • Maintenance activities requiring more than one person may take a little longer to plan as we undertake revision of our safe work method statement to incorporate the COVID-19 threat. Non- essential maintenance may be delayed in order to avoid risk to staff.

We continue to monitor information and advice coming from the Australian Government Department of Health and will revise our plans accordingly.

If you have any enquires regarding our business operations or our COVID-19 response, please contact us at your convenience.


Geoff Beard

General Manager

Fairbairn Irrigation Network Ltd

87 Esmond Street

Emerald QLD 4720

07-4982 4446


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